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MinAnalytical offers a full complement of mineral analysis services for gold, platinum group metals, lead, zinc, rare earth, nickel, copper, and lithium commodities, among others. 

We’re continually developing new methods and techniques, creating new equipment and technologies, and rethinking how mineral analysis is performed. We offer our clients a wide range of services along with personalised service and prompt turnaround times.

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Our revolutionary PhotonAssay instrument uses sophisticated high-powered X-rays technology to provide analysis as complete as a fire assay but in a fraction of the time.    

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MinAnalytical’s approach to sample preparation ensures all samples are processed with meticulous care to ensure the integrity of your samples are maintained.

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MinAnalytical offers a range of analytical options for accurate precious metals analysis including lead collection fire assay and aqua regia digestion. 

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Choosing the right methodology and giving careful consideration to dissolution strengths and technique limitations are crucial to the success of your exploration program.   

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We provide the analysis of most ores and high-grade materials typically used for advanced exploration and resource evaluation applications. 

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MinAnalytical provides services for design, installation, commissioning and operation of on-site laboratories and portable sample preparation solutions.